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4 Reasons Your business Needs UCaaS

For the past few years, business leaders have heard talks of a leaner and more cost-effective method for employee communications. Now, everyone is moving everything to the cloud. And now is the time to make the switch to UCaaS, unified communications as a service.

Here are 4 reasons your business needs UCaaS:

Every on-premise system requires the purchase of dedicated capacity for maximum need – creating wasted resources. UCaaS can offer significant and simplified scalability in licensing, which is highly advantageous for those who experience mergers or acquisitions, seasonal staffing fluctuations, temporary ramp-ups for marketing promotions, and any other roster changes.

Reduce Operating Costs
The costs of equipment, maintenance, security, and support remain in the UCaaS provider’s domain. This frees up your budget for more strategic business expenses while freeing up your IT staff for projects pertaining to customer satisfaction or other business initiatives.

Access to Enterprise-Level Resources
Communication and collaboration features are available for connecting teams across multiple office locations and on-the-go workers. Additionally, employees can use instant messaging, video chat, web conferencing, and file sharing to collaborate with other workers or communicate with clients.

Globally Accessible
With employees shifting preferences to mobile and remote locations, they can expect feature-rich communications and collaborations to keep their workdays flexible and adaptable to their mobile schedules. UCaaS features include full audio and video as well as enterprise messaging, screen or document sharing for online meetings and team collaboration.

Now is the best time to switch to UCaaS for your business operations. If you have questions regarding product features, brands, or pricing, TechVAR’s trusted advisors stay up-to-date with IT trends and solutions. Feel free to contact us for advice.

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