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Mitel Communications Makes Champions

Don’t Leave Your Important Calls To Chance. Your Favorite Teams Use Mitel Communications & Collaboration – You Can Too!

In a world where games are won and lost by fractions of an inch or second, we like to think that we provide a competitive edge to those who choose Mitel systems. More than fifty sports franchises, clubs, leagues and stadiums globally stay competitive with Mitel, representing teams across the English Premier League, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS. Mitel is the official communications partners for 4 championship winning teams: Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Eagles, Toronto FC, and Los Angeles Kings.

MLB Solutions
Mitel has provided communication systems for all Major League Baseball replay reviews this year. Mitel also was the official communications partner for both of the world series contenders; the championship-winning Boston Red Sox and the runner-up Los Angeles Dodgers. These teams among many others in Major League Baseball use Mitel in their clubhouse to effectively communicate and collaborate on-the-go to give them a tangible competitive advantage across their organizations as they work each day toward winning it all.

NHL Solutions
In an effort to improve internal communications and interactions with fans, the Kings chose a Mitel solution for a seamless experience. Their reliable Mitel system allows employees to keep in touch as they move from facility to facility and focus on fan experience without worrying about the technology behind the scenes. In fact, they now have increased flexibility and productivity for operations during sellout games because of better staff mobility. The Kings can operate with smoother workflows created by improved communications between sales, marketing, and customers.

NFL Solutions
Mitel applications and solutions always meet the high standards of the Philadelphia Eagles. The IP phones and contact center solutions provide prioritized, responsive, and scalable features for emails, faxes, voicemails, and calls from all stakeholders. Updates are made to leverage newer cloud capabilities without removing the previously invested equipment. The Eagles organization continues to value their Mitel solutions for every communications challenge.

NBA Solutions
The Pacers Sports and Entertainment, the company that manages the Indiana Pacers, implemented Mitel for better response times, training and customer service.
“After implementing the Mitel system, we’ve had outstanding results,” said CTO Ed Frederici. “We have a mobile workforce that can get out into the community and do their job, we have a completely reliable system that never goes down, sound quality is outstanding…we really are able to use our phones as an asset to do our jobs better.”

Benefits of Mitel Cloud Communications System
Some may say it may just be a coincidence that 4 of the championship teams across professional sports have Mitel as their official communication partner, but we like to think that Mitel makes Champions! 
Companies that bring in the reliable Mitel unified communications systems experience powerful communications and collaboration capabilities without the cost and complexity of maintaining an on-site system. Teams experience increased productivity from employees who gain more flexibility, availability, and mobility to accomplish team goals.

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