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Part II: How To Exceed Customer Expectations During The Holidays

Your customers expect more now than ever before.

Your business lives and dies by its customers, and your customers expect more now than ever before. When it comes to maximizing customer service opportunities, your IT staff can take steps to ensure reliable service, even under high volume holiday conditions.

Here are three ways to exceed customer expectations:

Flexible Support Options
Consumers are becoming increasingly mobile in both how they shop and how they interact. Your customers want to reach out via SMS, social media and email. Allow communications to move through the medium that makes the most sense for their situation. They also prefer to shop and contact companies via their smartphones or tablets, so make sure your websites and apps are calibrated for mobile devices.

Make sure your customers are well-assisted with 24/7 support services for the rest of the holiday season, too. For customers that do want to communicate by voice, aim to keep call centers well staffed to eliminate time customers’ time spent on hold and provide a callback feature to lower frustrations during wait times.

Self-Service Capabilities
Holiday shopping also makes it increasingly important to be available beyond the typical 9-5. Setting up self-service features are designed to better suit the varying needs of your entire customer base, no matter what their schedule is like or what time zone they’re in. Even if your resources are limited, consider the following after-hours options:

  • A 24/7 virtual assistant that can automatically answer basic questions
  • Customer access to a knowledge base or documents, guides, etc.
  • Text-to-speech technology that responds to customer account inquiries

Collecting customer Feedback
Ask your customers for their feedback. Once you can identify their needs, then can you figure out their expectations and devise plans to exceed them. Customer feedback can paint a bold picture of what your brand should be doing in order to surpass expectation levels. All you got to do is ASK.

Do these three things and you’ll be on your way to bringing in happy customers. Need help with your next steps? Feel free to contact us for advice, features, brands, or pricing for mobile communications solutions and call center technology. TechVAR’s trusted advisors stay up-to-date with IT trends and solutions to empower businesses. Let’s crush the 2018 holiday season!