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About TechVAR

A Trusted Software Reseller

TechVAR offers hardware, software and cloud solutions for all aspects of a small or medium business’s IT infrastructure including security, performance and unified communications.  Over the past few years, TechVAR advisors have earned the trust of over 1000 customers purchasing 80,000 licenses.  What started as a small department within another company, quickly became a viable stand-alone business and TechVAR was born.

Best in Class Solutions

TechVAR is dedicated to providing customers with best in class technology solutions and has earned strategic relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry, while building a loyal customer base through old fashioned, one-on-one relationship building with customers.  This allows TechVAR advisors to provide both customers and partners with the best experience possible when sourcing software or hardware for their companies.

Customer First Service

TechVAR combines a customer first work ethic with highly skilled and educated advisors to provide access to optimum technology solutions. TechVAR is located in Austin, Texas and serves customers in the US, Canada and many international markets.


All of TechVAR’s services are delivered through a trained, experienced department of trusted advisors. They work daily to find the right solution for your business needs.