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Do you carry hardware?

Yes! We have several partners with whom we compare prices with for a multitude of products. This does not exclude hardware. Anything from keyboards and mice to servers, your personal advisor will hunt endlessly to find you the best deal!

Who are you partnered with?

TechVAR is dedicated to providing customers with best in class technology solutions and has earned strategic partnerships with over 200 solutions providers.

Why would it be more beneficial to use TechVAR versus purchasing direct?

Through our hundreds of partnerships with the manufactures, we receive wholesale or discounted pricing, which we then pass down to the end user. Not only can we save you money, we can also save you time by finding the best quotes, setting up demos, and advising on the best product for you. We have a fast response time when it comes to quoting and also offer Net30 for anything 2k or above in purchases. We are well versed with the hundreds of products on our toolbelt. Your personal TechVAR advisor can be your GO-TO person for ALL of you IT purchases versus reaching out to several contacts for each individual purchase.

Are there shipping charges on your hardware?

We cover shipping on all hardware purchases.