Panda Patch Management

Panda Patch Management is a user-friendly solution for managing vulnerabilities in operating systems and third-party applications on Windows workstations and servers. It reduces the attack surface, while at the same time strengthening your organization’s prevention and containment capabilities.

  •  Brand: Panda Security
  •  License Category: Subscription
  •  License Type: Annually (user volume)
  •  Installation Type: Local or Hosted SaaS
  •  Support: Yes
  •  Language: 20+ Languages
  •  Localization: North America
  • Single-Panel View
  • Pending Patches
  • Remediation Status
  • Computer Group Information
  • Patch Filter and Search
  • Unattended Scanning
  • Immediate and Scheduled Launch
  • Rollback/Uninstall Patch
  • High-Level and Detailed Reports